Inspection of materials

  • The company also provides services of inspection of materials in India.

  • Our professional and dedicated team of inspectors can inspect the materials ordered at any of the factories in India.

  • No matter from whom the client purchases the materials in India, our inspectors will visit those factories and inspect the materials and issue an inspection certificate for the same and we will send the original certificate to the client by courier.

  • We can take care of inspection of any type of stones may it be Granites, Marbles, Slates, Sandstones, Limestones etc in any factory in India.

Arrangement of container for stuffing the materials

  • The company can also arrange for containers for the clients from any port to any port in the world.

  • Our freight forwarding department can arrange the containers for the clients.

  • You may buy the material in any country and we can arrange the containers for you in that particular port / country to stuff the materials.

  • Your suppliers need to get in touch with us for the containers for shipment.

  • Our freight forwarding department can get the best ocean freight for the clients.

  • Our main sectors are USA, Canada, Europe, Far East, Gulf and Asia Pacific.